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Sulfur8 Hair Care F.A.Q.

We hope our frequently asked questions for Sulfur8 products will help you decide if Sulfur8 is right for you. If your question is not answered below, feel free to contact us.

What Is Sulfur8?

Sulfur8® is a line of medicated products that caters to African-American hair. Sulfur8® treatment was first formulated in 1948 and has been a favorite of people throughout the world for controlling dandruff and relieving itchy scalp. The Sulfur8® line is produced by J. Strickland & Company.

What is the purpose of Sulfur8?

The main focus of the Sulfur8® product line is to improve the health of the scalp and hair. The products also make the hairstyling process easier for the individual. The products add moisture to the scalp and are safe enough to be used on natural hair and chemically altered hair. Use of the products is recommended until the condition of the hair and scalp improves.

What are the benefits of Sulfur?

Sulfur is an essential nutrient, and supports proper and healthy metabolic and immune functions. Sulfur is also used as a topical agent, and alleviates skin conditions like rashes, acne and eczema when applied to the surface of the skin. It is also added to certain medications, such as those used for allergies, asthma and emphysema and is used to control and curb addictions and certain food cravings.

Does Sulfur8 grow your hair?

A clean scalp is vital for healthy hair and sustained growth and Sulfur8® Shampoo provides the perfect cleansing tool for highly textured hair. Sulfur8® has a rich, deeply cleansing shampoo that is ideal in removing oil, dirt and debris from deep within the pores of your scalp. The shampoo cleanses without stripping away your hair’s natural oils, and is perfect for all textures, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable and more fortified for growth.
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